Children's Ministry at Christ the King

To get involved in Sunday School and Children's Ministry, read and print off from the following!
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* Sunday School Program Description - Click Here
Sunday Morning Programming
9:30-10:30 September - May 

Nursery & Pre K
- Meet in Sanctuary at 9:30 for Devotions and Music
 - 9:50 – 10:30 in Preschool (Kings Kids) rooms
                                 Nursery Sunday School classes
    SS24  SS21
                             Preschool Sunday School classes
    SS19  SS20      
Kindergarten & 1st Grade
- Meet in Sanctuary at 9:30 for Devotions and Music
- 9:50- 10:30 in Sunday school Days of Creation Rooms for rotational programming
Kindergarden and 1st grade rotation - students rotate through the days of creation
 On the first day God created darkness and light.
    SS32  SS34
 On the second day God separated the waters from the sky.
 On the third day God created dry land and plants.
    SS29  SS30
 On the fourth day God created the sun and the moon and the stars.
    SS27  SS28|
 On the fifth day God created the fish and the birds.
 On the sixth day God created the animals and Adam and Eve.
2nd-5th Graders    
- Meet in Mission hall at 9:30 prior to going to Sunday school classroom for rotational programming
- 10:15- 10:30 Music in Mission hall
Sunday School for grades 2-5 is called "Rotation Station", students rotate through each of the classroom themes.
                      Bible Buzz                            Holy Word Cinema                       King's Olympics
  SS3  SS15  SS Olympics                      Tent Tales                              Thy                      Creation Station
  SS10  SS11  SS5  
5th Graders - Meet in Bible Buzz Classroom
6th Graders - Meet in Lounge (across from Kitchen) 9:30-10:30
    SS teen
Student and Adult volunteers are needed to share their faith with children using the “ready-to-teach” curriculum for one hour each Sunday. Confirmation youth may receive one hour of service for each hour they assist. Please contact Ctk 320-587-2776 ext 6 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Release time
Release time at Christ the King is on Wednesdays, when public school is in session from October through April. 
2-3 graders meet from 10:15-11 a.m. and 4-5 graders meet from 9:15-10 a.m.
In the beginning of the school year enroll your child into the program through the school. Transportation is provided between the school and church. 2014-2015 school year release time focus with be on Christian Characteristics (What would Jesus do?). “Service learning” is a part of this youth program. 
When Hutchinson District School is not in session (snow storms, days off) there will be no release time. 
One volunteer is needed to share their faith with children for two hours each Wednesday morning during the school year. Please contact Ctk 320-587-2776 ext 6 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Summer Children’s Ministry


Vacation Bible School for children completing Nursery, Pre-K and Kindergarten

One week of evening programming in conjunction with Faith Lutheran Church

Vacation Bible School Completing Grades 1-5

One week of afternoon programming in conjunction with Faith Lutheran Church. children.

Day Camp for Children Completing Grades 1-5

One week of daytime programming.  


Green Lake Bible Ministries is located in the Spicer Minnesota area.
- Congregation individuals are asked to register on line at
- Youth that are members of the church are reimbursed $30 as a first time camper.
- Confirmation youth Receive confirmation service hours and sermon notes for attending camp.
- Families are responsible for camper’s transportation needs.
- Youth interested in being a camp counselor please check out opportunities at

Special Days and Events for Children’s Ministry
Please refer to the Weekly bulletin for yearly dates and information on these programs
- Musical Performances at 10:45 worship- monthly
- Rally Sunday
- Bible Sunday - September
- Preschool Christmas Program - December
- 2-5 Christmas program - December

- Holy Communion Instruction

- Baptism Splash
- Teacher Appreciation Sunday
- Confirmation Orientation – May
- Graduation Brunch and Service – May or June

Leadership for Children Ministry is shared by 12 volunteers on a team plus the Parish Education Director.
- Time commitment to the Children’s ministry team is approximately 2-4 hours per month plus special events.
- If you are interested in sharing your talents and faith, contact the Children's Ministry Director.



CTK Worship

Saturday 6:30pm

Sunday 8:15am

Sunday 10:45am